Drug Abuse And Its Effects on Teens

Drug Abuse And Its Effects on Teens

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Teenagers with persistently abuse substances often experience various problems such as academic difficulties, health – related problems, poor peer relationship and the involvement in the crime. It has emerged as a critical issue among the youth. Research says that the youth use heroin, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol to hide or escape pain. Marijuana (31%), Vicodin (9.7%), amphetamines (8.1%), cough medicine (6.9%) and sedatives (tranquilizers 6.6% each) are some of the most abused drugs among the teens. If they don’t take any kind of treatment, their condition leads to the serious consequences for own health, family members, community and the entire society.

Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Mood swings

Loss of interest in favorite activities

Violent behavior

Crimes such as stealing, snatching etc

Drug paraphernalia

Excessive tardiness & poor grades

Poor hygiene, depression

Effects of Drug Abuse & Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse at any age affects one’s health badly, but teens are more likely to suffer from negative consequence later in life. It can lead to the permanent or irreversible brain damage. Here some of the common negative effects of teen drug abuse are below mentioned:

Emotional Problems:

Addiction problems are considered as the major cause of anxiety, depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts and schizophrenia. Depression has been major factor among these causes as around 34.6 percent teenagers report drug addiction.

Behavioral Problems:

Teens with the drug or alcohol abuse have to suffer with the social problems, suicidal thoughts and violence. A recent survey remarked that the youth addicted to drug, alcohol or marijuana is more likely Where to Buy Cocaine USA engage in the antisocial behaviors i.e. fighting, stealing and snatching.

Brain Damage

Youngsters with the drug abuse and other addiction suffer from serious mental disorder, permanent or irreversible memory loss and damaged nervous system. They may also experience brain shrinkage, amnesia and memory problems, perception and intuition and changes in sexual desire.

Risky Sexual Behavior:

Teenagers taking drugs and alcohol are more likely to indulge into the sexual activities than non-addicted teens. It may cause higher risk of sexual transmission disease, teen pregnancy and sexual assault.

Learning Problem:

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse shoddily affects memory and learning skills that ultimately influence one’s performance in school/college.


Youngsters who are abuse drug with the needles may likely to suffer from blood – borne diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B & C.

Teen Drug Abuse and Alcohol Treatment

If your child has also drug addiction then don’t waste a second to take medical help. It is necessary to take an initiative and avoid the long term consequences. Get an expert’s advice and follow recommended therapy. Some Ayurvedic medicines such as Addiction Killer are also useful to improve the condition. But, it also required an expert’s suggestion and guidelines to lead a healthy and successful treatment.

Seema Chaurasiya is a content marketer who works with Addiction killer online pharmacy. Her write-ups help addicts in treating their drug abuse, marijuana and alcohol addiction with effective treatment methods.

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