Why do we use boxes?


Why do we use boxes?

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The boxes are an essential part of packaging products. They offer protection, convenience and brand opportunities. Different types of boxes are used in industries such as fashion and retail to enhance product presentation.

T Shirt Boxes

The T-shirt box is designed to hold t-shirts folded securely. These boxes are usually made of rigid Kraft or cardboard, which provides a strong structure to protect the clothing from being damaged during transport and storage. They often have designs or colors that match the branding, which makes them look good on shelves and when given as gifts.

Tie Boxes

These tie boxes are designed to keep neckties neatly folded, free of creases. They are compact, lightweight and often made of high-quality card to prevent wrinkles and maintain the shape of the necktie. These boxes can be personalized with compartments and inserts that hold the tie in place securely, so it is presented to customers elegantly.

Boxes for Socks

They come in different sizes for different styles and quantities of socks. These boxes are usually made of cardboard or Kraft papers, which offer durability and protect socks against moisture and dust. Clear windows and transparent sections are included in some sock packaging, which allows customers to view the socks without having to open the box. This enhances the presentation.

Lingerie Boxes

The boxes were designed to present delicate items of lingerie in a beautiful way. The boxes are made from specialty paper or rigid cardboard that provides a luxury feel and protects the clothing. The embellishments on lingerie boxes are often ribbons, embossing or foiling. This enhances their appearance and makes the unboxing a special experience.

Boxes are essential in retailing and the fashion industry, as they serve as both containers and tools to engage customers and brand. Each type of box, whether it is used to store t-shirts or socks, or for the retail and fashion industries, has been carefully designed to satisfy specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

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